Multi-Family Developments

Zodiac Design can help builders and developers produce conceptual and construction drawings for multi-family developments and master-planned communities.  We also provide the necessary specifications to meet local codes and standards for fire-rated wall assemblies, fire sprinkler requirements, etc…

Remodels and Additions

Zodiac Design can help you transform your existing space into the home you’ve always wanted.  We offer services from all types of projects, whether you just want to add a sun room to your home or you want to gut and remodel the whole thing, Zodiac Design is here to help!

Garages, Shops & Outbuildings

Zodiac Design can help you with your weekend or summer projects, large and small.  Do you want to build a simple garden shed but don’t quite know how to assemble it?  Or do you want to add that custom garage or shop on your property that you’ve always wanted?  Either way, Zodiac Design is here to guide you through each step of the process, from designing the building, to obtaining the permits, to adding the finishing touches to your completed project!

Decks, Outdoor Structures

Zodiac Design can help you with simple outdoor projects or complex patio covers, complete with custom formed timbers and decorative steel plates.

Misc. Drafting and Detailing

Do you need drafting help for an occasional or a “right-now” project, but don’t want to hire someone and have the overhead costs?  Zodiac Design is available to do contract drafting and misc. detailing work at an affordable hourly rate, and we can usually turn work around in a day or two, depending on the size of the task.